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As the first chair of the Civil Rights Commission, I know that we need a strong, compassionate leader like Donna fighting for us. I have known her for over 30 years, she is hardworking, intelligent, experienced, and a person of integrity. It will take a collaborative leader like Donna to help find bipartisan solutions for affordable health care and to expand educational opportunities for all of our young people.
She will advocate equally for women, working families, LGBTQ rights, our Keiki, and Kupuna. I am proud to endorse her and ask you to join me.

— Amy Agbayani

Yes, Senator Kim is known to be “tough.” Seems to me that’s what it takes to be a competent, effective legislator. When she sets her sites on an investigation, it’s all for the public good and forcing government officials to get their act together while using our taxpayer money. Good for you, Senator Kim; and We’re supporting you to become a representative of Hawaii at the national level!

— Noelani & Stanley Agunoy

Skippa’ always spoke warmly of Donna his close friend and ours. He talked of her unwavering support for our children and education, and how she expressed that devotion by advocating for our public schools—including their alma mater, @Farrington High School, Palama Settlement, and the individuals and organizations that contribute so much to our lives. We are confident that Donna will take that same commitment and leadership to Congress and that is why the Diaz family is behind her all the way!

— Mary Diaz and the Diaz Family

Donna has a proven track record for fighting for working families in Hawai`i and we can count on her to fight for us in Washington. Senator Kim was born and raised in Hawai’i in a working-class family and shares our same values and hard work ethic. I’m confident her leadership and experience make her the best Representative for us in Congress.

— Donna Domingo, ILWU Local 142 President

As a former Chief of the Honolulu Police Department I learned first-hand that in order for law enforcement to be effective, you need the support and leadership of strong public officials. Donna was a stalwart supporter of the Honolulu Police Department throughout her term on the Honolulu City Council. I valued her strong and decisive leadership that enabled us to modernize and become more efficient. My heart breaks for the senseless gun violence impacting young people in their schools and neighborhoods. She has consistently supported law enforcement, worked for commonsense gun control and is willing to work across the aisle to keep our kids and neighborhoods safe. This is why we need courageous leaders like Donna representing us in Congress.

— Lee Donahue, Former Chief of Police

Donna Mercado Kim stands out because she is about getting things done. She is a leader-- not a follower. Thinking back to when I returned to Hawaii in 1999 to coach the University of Hawai`i football program, I wanted to deliver what everyone in Hawai`i dreamed of: a winning program. Donna immediately stepped up to the plate. Over the next nine years, we worked to achieve many improvements at UH. Donna helped us, and eventually made our trip to the 2008 Sugar Bowl a reality. I could always count on Donna to immediately rise to the forefront on important decisions. I normally do not get involved in politics but I am proud to say that I support Donna Mercado Kim for Congress.

— Coach June Jones

As a victim of spouse abuse, I have been helping battered women and children find a safe haven since 1991. When I needed help to keep the Windward Spouse Abuse Center open, Donna came to our aid with a State Grant. In a pinch, she is truly the “go to person to get the job done”. I’ve known Donna since 1982 when we were both elected to the House of Representatives, so I am qualified to say that she is what we need in Congress. Please help me by supporting Donna Mercado Kim to be our next US Representative. 

— Avis Kalama, Executive Director, Windward Spouse Abuse Center

I support Donna Mercado Kim for Congress because she is that rare type of candidate who stands up for the weak and stands strong against the powerful, even when it's not to her political advantage.

— Faye Kennedy, co-chair, Hawaii Friends of Civil Rights

Mahalo Nui Loa to the Maritime Industry for their endorsement! I'm greatly humbled to have earned the support of Hawai'i's Masters, Mates and Pilots, Seafarers, Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association, Sailors’ Union of the Pacific, Marine Firemen’s Union, and the Inlandboatmen’s Union of the Pacific. 

America’s maritime industry is vital to our island state, accounting for thousands of jobs and infusing $1.8 billion into Hawaii’s economy each year. A strong domestic maritime industry is critical to accessing the goods local families need to lead productive, healthy lives. That’s why I support the Jones Act and other measures that support this vital segment of our economy and national security.

— Donna Mercado Kim

Donna Mercado Kim has the guts to stand up for what’s right and the willingness to openly question and challenge the status quo.

We were devastated when our Paki Avenue home was about to be condemned by the City. But we didn’t know how to fight City Hall and thought we were out of options. In desperation, one of our neighbors called upon then-Councilmember Kim. Donna could have turned us away because we weren’t in her Council district. But she didn’t. She fought for us. The first Council vote to condemn was 8-1 in favor, with only Donna opposing. She then worked to convince her colleagues to change their minds about the condemnation, and when all was said and done, we were able to save our homes.

That’s Donna for you. She’s fearless. She’s not afraid to stand up and challenge the powers-that-be to defend what’s right and just. She brings people together to find solutions, and that’s the kind of leader I want representing us in Congress.

We're voting for Donna on August 11 and I hope you will, too.

— Mildred & Charlie Okimura

Donna has been a fighter throughout her career. Now she’s prepared to take the fight for working people to Washington D.C. We believe Donna will stand up for middle-class Americans and will represent Hawaii well.

— Randy Pereira, HGEA Executive Director

It is clear to us that in this crowded field of candidates Senator Donna Kim is best equipped to be Hawaii’s voice in Washington D.C. Her service of more than 30 years representing the people of Urban Honolulu at both the state and county level make her the most prepared on the issues and challenges of the district.

Donna Kim is not afraid to take a hard stance against waste and corruption in government, and when it comes to the middle class and protecting the rights and pay for workers, we know Donna will fiercely stand up and be a voice we can count on.

— Ron Taketa, Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters Executive Secretary-Treasurer

I am a two-time breast cancer survivor and know that early diagnosis increases the chances for successful treatment. Many women are not getting the access to regular health care they need to detect breast cancer. Which is why we need more advocates for women’s rights. I know Donna Mercado Kim and she believes that health care is a basic right. Donna will fight to put an end to health insurance price gouging, surprise bills, and protect against assaults by the Trump administration to reduce access to healthcare for women.This is the kind of leadership women need in Washington. 

— Iwalani Tseu, Kumu Hula

Our members trust that Donna’s breadth of experience fighting for working people make her an effective champion for working families in Congress. We need a representative that will make advocating for our members’ rights their top priority.

— Ryden Valmoja, Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 50 Business Manager

As a former Lt. Governor and Governor of our great State, I have worked with many legislators over the years. I can recall when Donna Mercado Kim was first elected over 30 years ago. She has been a leader with the courage to speak out and hold government accountable. But what a lot of people don’t know about her is that she is committed to preserving and perpetuating our Hawaiian culture. As a student of noted Aunty Maiki Aiu, one of the foremost leaders of the Hawaiian renaissance, Donna has been the driving force for the creation of the Hawaiian Dance and Music Center, which will showcase and preserve the music, dance, and heritage of our people. I am confident she will do what’s best for Hawaii in Congress. There’s no better choice for the voters of the 1st Congressional District, and I urge you to cast your vote for Donna Mercado Kim.

— Governor John Waihee

Hawaii’s cuisine, along with our farmers and chefs, have put Hawaii on the map as a culinary destination.  For as long as I’ve known Donna she’s understood the important role that food and agriculture play in Hawaii’s economy.  When Donna was Senate President she made sure that the Culinary Institute of the Pacific was a priority for funding.  Thanks to her efforts, the first phase of the school now sits on Diamond Head with a restaurant soon to be built.  It is her support for the CIP, other UH culinary programs, and efforts like Hawaii Food & Wine Festival, that will ensure our students with the training and skills our visitor industry needs to remain strong and vibrant in the many years to come.

— Chef Roy Yamaguchi

As we celebrate Philippine Independence Day 2018, I am reminded of Filipino leaders that have risen to help shape our Hawaiian islands. Senator Donna Mercado Kim is a 3rd generation Filipina. I have found Senator Donna Mercado Kim to be very charming, smart and a dedicated political leader. She is vying for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives this coming August as a Democrat. I have confirmed her Philippine roots, her mother being a Mercado from Batangas. She is also related to the Atienzas of the same province. Now is the time for the Filipino community to have a voice in the US Congress and stand proudly in being a key partner in continuing to shape Hawaii's future. There is no one better at this time who can champion the cause of Filipino Americans in Hawaii than Donna Mercado Kim. - Perfecto "Jun" Yasay, Former Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines

— Perfecto and Cecile Joaquin Yasay

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