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Aloha and Welcome! 

I have devoted 35 years to public service at the city and state levels where I have fought for government efficiency, transparency, and accountability. I have always and will continue to fight for middle and working class families because growing up in Kalihi, both my parents had to work hard to make ends meet, to pay the rent, and put food on the table. They both worried about health care for their children and caring for their aging parents. Hawai‘i is a special place where ohana is important, and we learned at an early age, the true meaning of sacrifice and helping one another.  We also learned to be frugal and to manage our spending.   

Today's challenges are even more difficult, and amplifying the voice of our community is what drives me.

I'm a local girl, born and raised in Kalihi, and a product of our public school system. I care deeply about my island home and no one will work harder for you! 





Friday, August 31, 2018 3:45 PM

Hot Off the Press...Community Bulletin

Click the links below to view Senator Kim's bi-annual community bulletin.  The bulletin recaps the legislative session including major issues, highlights and accomplishments, and the community survey results from the spring community survey.

2019 Spring Community Bulletin

2018 Summer Community Bulletin

2018 Spring Community Bulletin

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