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Happy Easter, Friends & Neighbors!

This Easter weekend, many families would traditionally be dyeing eggs, choosing outfits for Sunday services, snacking on a chocolate bunny or marshmallow Peep, or attending a community-sponsored Easter egg hunt.

When I was a kid, there were no community Easter Egg hunts that I can recall. My parents would hide eggs around the house with the one golden egg worth a dollar or two which was a lot back then. Taking turns hiding the eggs in unique places in the house was just as much fun. Sometimes we’d make paper egg cutouts with messages or prizes written on them. My son, when he was little (pictured below with his grandpa), loved to hunt for the plastic eggs with treats in them.

Due to public health concerns, community egg hunts like the Moanalua Gardens Community Association and Kalihi Valley annual egg hunts, and all others, have been cancelled. These changes inspire us to engage in simple "homemade” activities of yesteryear.

What’s unchanged is the meaning of Easter. For Christians, Easter is about the resurrection of Christ. But it’s come to have a larger meaning for all people. Easter is about renewal, sacrifice, and, most of all, hope. That spirit will sustain us through this tough time, give us the strength to carry on, and inspire us to resume our lives once this crisis has passed.

Micah and I extend our Easter wishes to you and yours.

Stay safe and well.

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