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City and County of Honolulu’s proposal to Governor David Ige has been approved to allow for the safe reopening of the following designated business and operations with limitations as outlined in the replacement Exhibit A of the Emergency Order No. 2020-15 (Amendment to Ho‘oulu i Honolulu 3.0), effective Friday, June 19:

  1. Education and care facilities (private education, adult care, special needs care facilities),
  2. Indoor attractions (theaters, museums, arcades, bowling alleys, etc.),
  3. Outdoor organized team sports (two phases, with phase 1 beginning June 19),
  4. Fitness facilities (spaces for yoga, barre classes, hula hālau, etc.),
  5. Bars.

These businesses and operations will be allowed to reopen under guidelines and conditions to ensure safety for both employees of these establishments and customers/clients. For example, Bars may reopen with operators ensuring limiting occupancy to no more than fifty percent of the maximum occupant load of the bar, limiting groups within the bar to a maximum of ten individuals per group, and ensuring groups within the bar maintain at least six feet of separation from other groups.

For Fitness facilities to reopen, operators must limit occupancy to no more than fifty percent of the maximum occupant load, establish physical distancing guidelines (at least six feet), limit locker room access and the number of persons who use amenities of the facilities at the same time, and keep water fountains closed, except for those designed to refill water bottles in a contact-free manner.

These are just a few of the requirements and conditions for reopening and resuming operations. The full list for each business, service, or activity is included in the Amendment to Ho‘oulu i Honolulu 3.0.

In regards to outdoor organized team sports, the Mayor’s Order includes two phases to ensure the safety of coaches, athletes, trainers, and everyone else involved. Phase 1 applies to outdoor team sports such as baseball, soccer, outdoor volleyball, and similar outdoor team sports. Under the amended Exhibit A of the City’s Order, starting Friday, June 19, activities would be allowed to resume under specific conditions. Those requirements include but are not limited to, limiting the activity to skill-building drills and team-based practice only, in which physical distancing of six feet or more between individuals may generally be maintained and groups are limited to a single Sports Program team, or a maximum of 30 players, whichever is less.

Phase 2 similarly applies to the outdoor team sports included in Phase 1, but incorporates competitive team play.

Also included in the amended Ho‘oulu i Honolulu 3.0, a replacement of Order 3 relating to indoor and outdoor gatherings. Effective immediately, outdoor gatherings of up to ten individuals are permitted as long as physical distancing is maintained between the groups of up to ten individuals to the extent possible. Outdoor events involving a total of 100 individuals or more are still prohibited.

Effective Friday, June 19, indoor gatherings of up to ten individuals (regardless of household or living unit affiliation) would be allowed to resume on O‘ahu. Indoor events involving over 50 individuals are still prohibited.

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